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A hat goes around the world

He moves through the country and across the stages, roams from moment to moment. The hat sits firmly on Matteo Capreoli's thick, black curly head and travels the world with him. With alert brown eyes, Capreoli perceives and describes his surroundings. And it should never remain the same, just as he himself wishes for his own development.

He's already traveled a lot, but that's still not enough for him, he wants to see more, wants to experience more, ultimately wants to know a little more about himself. And because he never actually started looking, he may have found just the right place for himself, for now. Because home is more of a feeling for him than a place, you can almost imagine it. Matteo Capreoli has followed the logic of coincidences, from drums to piano to guitar to word. From Stuttgart to Hamburg. There he shares a studio and produces music for artists such as Samy Deluxe, Das Bo and Nico Suave. And above all yourself




Twisted Wall



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